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Invisible Carbon Footprint

Invisible Carbon Footprint

23 September, 9am – 1pm
FibreHub, Pool

Unlocking Potential’s next Digital Transformation Marketplace event is for businesses with an interest in their carbon footprint.

Invisible Carbon Footprint, has joined the line-up of events taking part in Cornwall Chamber’s ‘Planet C’ month (Runs from September 1st to October 4th) in a bid to drive and empower Cornish businesses to take action in the climate crisis.

This practical and fast-moving workshop will be particularly useful for more digital and service-based businesses who are looking to reduce their environmental impact by going beyond some of the elements we’re more familiar with when we think about our ‘Carbon Footprint’ (like packaging-reduction), to explore the hidden impacts in more detail.

Consider your ‘Digital Footprint’.

Maybe your business has already begun a conscious move towards a more sustainable or circular operation; or perhaps you’re mindful of net zero targets and keen to find out more about a good place to start.

This workshop will consider the environmental cost of our internet searches, messages we send, routes we plan, payments we make as well as website load times.

We’ll also tackle the impacts of our financial decisions (our pensions and banking: who’s investing in – or divesting from – what), as well as understanding our individual roles in net zero -no matter how small.

Attendees will come away with actions they can make, useful alternatives and a greater insight into how to understand the Digital Footprint of their own business’s behaviours.

The event is expertly facilitated by Paul Atkinson from Greenworks, specialist in sustainability, behaviour change, green economy transitions and stakeholder-engagement

Paul excels at helping businesses see the bigger picture. We’re all, in our various capacities, so at ease and familiar with the digital life now that it can be close to impossible to see – let alone understand – what lies behind the hi-tech and the speed-of-light movement of information.

Book your place on Invisible Carbon Footprint and come away with a clearer picture not just of the overall landscape, but of the practical tools and alternatives available; tools and alternatives which will make a significant and measurable difference not just to your carbon footprint, but to the efficiency and productivity of your business too.

This event is free to attend as it is full funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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29th & 30th September 2022

The Breakthrough workshop is for new and early stage business owners in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly who are starting strong but are looking to build momentum, perhaps rethink or reassess what they need to do to boost the growth and ensure success of their business.

The highly practical 2 days are facilitated by our Business Development Managers and will focus on key areas fundamental to the success of a start-up business.

On a Breakthrough workshop, we will work with you to:
– Use the Business Model Canvas to review and develop your business plan
– Learn how to optimise your products/services for your target customer
– Identify the most profitable channels and markets for your business
– Spend time looking at the financials and what they’re telling you
– Review your marketing and brand strategy
– Learn more about securing sources of external finance

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Digital Basecamp

Digital Basecamp

Transform your online effectiveness in two weeks!

Unlocking Potential’s Digital Basecamp is a fully funded Digital Marketing series for businesses in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. This means there is no cost to you.

> Maybe your websites been good to you for a while, but now it’s starting to look its age.
> Perhaps you see the potential of your website, but feel like you might need fresh legs, new boots and a clear head to really have a crack at maximising its effectiveness.
> Have Etsy or Amazon served you well, but you’re ready take the next step towards selling direct?
> Ready to make a big push for all those customers who you know will love you, but haven’t yet discovered who or where you are?
> And if they do find you and love you, is your site in good shape to deal with the traffic? What will their experience be like?

If you feel the digital side of your business has plateaued, and if you can see that the world (especially online) has changed a lot since you last dedicated it some time, there’s no better time to stretch, get fit, free your ambition and set your sights on the summit of a digital marketing strategy for your business.

It’s time for Digital Basecamp.

Session One (Tuesday 11th October – 9:30-12:30pm)
We’ll focus on your website’s effectiveness in the digital landscape and what this means when it comes to getting found by the right customers.
Led by InFocus Business Development Manager Sarah O’Dwyer, we’ll cover how search engines work and the importance of designing for various digital devices.
Having introduced some useful SEO tools, we’ll also delve into the data that drives the search engine results page and look at how you can get clever with keywords.

Session Two (Thursday 13th October – 9:30-12:30pm)
Jaye Cowle from multi award winning paid media agency Launch shifts our focus to your customer; how to find them and how they can find you. Jaye will also introduce the concept of the ‘messy middle’ of the customer journey to help understand online buying behaviour. You’ll learn how a complementary marketing mix of paid, owned and earned activity is where the magic really happens. We’ll also consider the importance of content marketing to help generate good quality content but also to generate organic (non-paid for) search traffic.

Session Three (Tuesday 18th October – 9:30-12:30pm)
You can lead visitors to a website but what will they do when they get there?
Sara Pugh, expert in UX (user experience) and owner of one of Cornwall’s most successful marketing and design agencies, EightWire, focuses on design for a meaningful online customer experience.
How to keep your customers engaged, returning and converting through the value of long-term conversations and investing in relationships. If you’re thinking of talking to a web developer for assistance, this session will help inform the brief.

Session Four (Thursday 20th October – 9:30-12:30pm)
Data will play an important part in keeping your customers engaged.
Basecamp’s concluding session with Business Development Managers Graham Buckley and Sarah O’Dwyer we take the lid off Google Analytics to see how its information can help us to measure a website’s performance and make informed decisions to plan future campaigns.
Digital Basecamp will develop your insight into what will and won’t work and how your website can be central to your digital marketing mix. You will leave with an action plan, an understanding of the skills needed to deliver it and a steer on how to get extra help you might need.

Session One: Tuesday 11th October – 9:30-12:30pm
Session Two: Thursday 13th October – 9:30-12:30pm
Session Three: Tuesday 18th October – 9:30-12:30pm
Session Four: Thursday 20th October – 9:30-12:30pm

Terms & Conditions:
The Breakthrough and InFocus programme is funded by the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly (CIOS) European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), part of the European Structural Investment Fund (ESIF) portfolio 2014 to 2020. By participating in this event you will receive support to the de-minimis value of £1000/€1,200 based on an exchange rate of £1 /€1.20 (exchange rate dated 01 August 2022

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